Palm Beach Stars was founded in August 2020 with the intent to bring professional soccer, as well as a boutique soccer academy, to Palm Beach County.

Our Vision

With soccer in the U.S. growing at an exponential rate and the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup being hosted here, we see an opportunity to start a high level soccer project in Palm Beach County and be part of the national growth in this global sport…

With a solid foundation and core team of expertise we look to integrate a community following from the grassroots level, aiming for the Professional League status by 2022 as well as a large scale permanent Premier Soccer Academy by Q4 2021. Palm Beach Stars will not only be a key figure in the regional soccer industry, but an stablished brand that families can identify with good quality entertainment and top-notch youth training.

Why palm beach?

  • No current professional soccer team based in the county
  • Rise in business, financial, and real estate sectors
  • Family driven community
  • higher end tourist attraction and destination with port, beach, and a thriving shopping and entertainment scene.
  • Positioning allows for fans and soccer aficionados to come from adjacent counties without pro sports that are within 100-150 miles, with a strong hotel infrastructure to support weekend stays.

Mission Statement

“To produce players and leaders who positively impact their teams and the world around them. To challenge learning and development through intellectual, technical, and physical rigor while providing ongoing individual feedback and support. To create technically sophisticated players for college, professional, and national teams in an enviroment that is fun, safe, challenging, and respectful. We intend to bring soccer in Palm Beach County to the next level.

Palm Beach Stars, the dream has begun!